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Tru Vue Window Cleaning Inc. has been providing professional window cleaning services since 1993. We strive for superior quality and comply with the highest of safety standards. We work closely with building managers and owners to ensure all your window cleaning needs are met. We provide staff that are fully trained and insured. We adhere to all the rules set forth by both the Ministry of Labour as well as the Construction Safety Association of Ontario. Tru Vue is insured with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and we have full liability insurance. At Tru Vue we pride ourselves on continuously educating ourselves on the latest technologies and keeping up with the newest innovations in order to bring you the best service possible.


Window Cleaning Toronto —  You’ve Never Had Cleaner Windows

Tru Vue Window Cleaning Inc. is a full-service window cleaning company that has been making windows beautiful since 1993. Our success since then can be attributed to our exceptional quality cleaning and our friendly customer service. Tru Vue provides window cleaning services to buildings in Toronto, the GTA and Barrie.

We clean:

We also provide eavestrough or gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning services. At Tru Vue window cleaning Toronto, we’re able to provide the best service by continuously educating ourselves on the new developments in window cleaning technology.

Why You Should Choose Tru Vue Window Cleaning Toronto - The Best Toronto Window Cleaning Company

Not to brag, but we take on jobs other window cleaning companies are not equipped to handle. Whether it’s a hard-to-reach spot, a high rise building or any commercial building, we are able to meet your needs. We’re willing to do hard jobs for reasonable prices. If you’ve only cleaned windows yourself, you will immediately notice the difference after a visit from a Tru Vue cleaner. Grimy and streaky windows become polished and completely clear. The neglected spots become free of buildup and are restored to their clean state.


We only hire staff that are trustworthy and who we would want in our own homes or businesses. Upon entering your home or business, you will be greeted with friendliness and professionalism. Our staff is always respectful of your property and those on the premises. If furniture needs to be moved before our window cleaners start, you can trust that our staff will treat each item with care and return it back to the correct location. We also train our cleaners to complete each job to perfection, whether it be low windows in a bungalow home or windows in a high rise tower. For us, training staff has two parts: Ensuring they can clean in the most efficient and effective way possible, and ensuring they are always meeting safety standards, with no exceptions.

Flexible Scheduling

These days, everyone has busy lives and we respect that. If you’d like to become a long-term client, we offer scheduled maintenance. Scheduling your cleanings is the best way to ensure your windows are always clean with minimal effort. We can call to remind you when your home or business windows are due to be cleaned. We will work with you to schedule the best day and time. Planning ahead of time means that window cleaning is one less thing on your mind and one task crossed off your to-do list.

We’re Fully Insured

The last thing you need to worry about is a window cleaner injuring themselves on premises. Fortunately, our staff are highly trained and fully insured, so you don’t have to. At Tru Vue, safety is our priority. We fully train our staff and comply with the rules set by the Ministry of Labour and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario. We have full liability insurance and are insured with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. Our knowledgeable staff know how to correctly and safely use our machine equipment. They also go out of their way to ensure the safety of other people on site, whether it be family members, customers, employees, condo dwellers or passersby.

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